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Learn with family and friends only use Thai massage to relax and relieve back pain.
In this workshop you massage but also receive with your partner in a relaxing environment
in the derby of the DK clinic.
Welcome coffee, tea and snacks are included.


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Learn all the essential stretches to treat back pain and acupuncture points for many chronic problems

such as stomach pain, headache, hot flashes, chronic fatigue and arthritis.


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Greece is a country with a fascinating history, rich culture and staggering scenery which is why millions of people flock to its shores every year in search of an unforgettable holiday.


For most, the idea of a Greek getaway is an escape to the white sand beaches or their world-famous tavernas, but there's a lot more to the country than those offering a villa or resort holiday might think.


Greece hosts unique and incredible experiences and you are going to experience them all on the beach.

If you are looking to get a bit more out of your holiday, then below we have five types of trips you can take across Greece. Trips guaranteed to take you to places you’ve never been before.


  • Ladίes Retreat in Greece! ln α beautiful place near to the sea ,will travel you to,wellness where you will .....

  • Recharge your batteries for the winter

  • Reshape your body and your soul 

  • Detox eating vegetarian home made Greek food

  • Introduce yourself to daily yoga, pilates and callanetics classes (to suit beginners)

  • Walk in the unspoiled natural surroundings... ίn order to return to your everyday life and start winterfull of energy and inspiration !


   Usually a yoga retreat includes:


  • Accommodation 

  • Vegetarian homemade brunch and lunch or dinner every day

  • Daily classes and meditation

  • Trekking day trip 

  • Workoshop on making your own beauty products and usage of essential oils day....                                                                                                                             (The transportation cost to and from on the venue is not ncluded)

  • Greek recipe cooking lessons  

  • Tai massage (in case of a day trip that you don't want to follow we we help you plan your free day

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