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Marina Katsika

Marina Katsika was born in 1964 in Athens. After complete her studies in Nursing she worked in several hospital for 4 years and then she joined the Medicines sans Frontiers mission in Kenya for 6 months. Returning in Athens has worked for the Greek delegate office of Medicines sans Frontiers doing emergency mission in Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Central Africa and Albania.

She has attended first aid course and get a Master in Medicine school of Athens in 2012 in "International Medicine- Health Crisis management”. In 1997 start her training in Shiatsu - Chinese Medicine for 3 years together with courses in aromatherapy, Thai massage, on-site massage and neuromuscular therapies for back and neck problem.

In 2000 complete her training in Pilates and in 2001 went in Chicago USA for the training in Callanetics method and Pilates. In 2008 she complete 200 hours training in YogaWorks system a combination of astanga, iyengar and vini yora. This combination has the profit of the Astanga dynamic style together with the right aligment of Iyengar and the flow of Vini yoga.In 2010 together with other volunteers create the ngo KALLON alternative thinking, exercise, therapy willing to inform about alternatives therapies, recycling and to offer free lessons in disable people, unemployment s and seniors in order to improving their psychology and make them in better condition.

For further information contact me…at tel:07719759767

CALLON GYM METHOD get the best of Pilates, Yoga, Callanetics. You can have know the body you want.

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